Toronto Thinks Organizing Team Roles

Case Guide Research & Writing Directors (2) and Writing Team (4)

The Case Guide Research & Writing team will research, develop and write the case guide of Toronto Thinks. The case guide is the topic of the competition and executives will have to research a topic, bearing in mind the various standpoints and synthesizing the available information to produce a short brief. Will work in collaboration with our Faculty Advisors.

Publicity Directors (3):

Publicity executives are responsible for handling all aspects of planned publicity campaigns for Toronto Thinks and PR activities during periods leading to and on the day of the case competition. Tasks include:

  1. Planning publicity strategies to get the word out about Toronto Thinks.
  2. Coming up with ideas/concepts for promotional materials.
  3. Writing and/or producing articles, leaflets, reports, publicity brochures, information for web sites and promotional videos in conjunction with the Productions team.
  4. Liaising with other teams to ensure smooth running of all PR aspects

Logistics Directors (2):

The Logistics team is responsible for the ensuring a smooth operation of the competition. By working with every other committee, they will create a master schedule that will outline all the activities of the conference at any given time. They will oversee all planning related to participant recruitment and team formation, competition rules and logistics, venues, food/catering, technology, and gifts. Tasks include:

  1. Determine a plan for the hour-to-hour running of the 2-day conference
  2. Book such equipments as AV, and other materials as needed.
  3. Liaise with venue staff (prior, and on the day of) for all matters pertaining to the running of the competition (including lunch/dinner service).
  4. Ensure the smooth running of the competition

Webmaster (1):

The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Toronto Thinks website, as well as ensuring that it is available to all users. Closer to the date of registration, the webmaster will also be involved in setting up a registration page, and coordinating online accounts. Tasks include:

  1. Design websites in conjunction with the Productions Team
  2. Maintain Toronto Thinks website
  3. Generate and revise web pages
  4. Examine and analyze site traffic.
  5. Fix links that don’t work and pictures that aren’t appearing properly.
  6. Post new materials to website as needed

Sponsorship Team (2):

The sponsorship team will be responsible for maintaining all financial records and transactions, allocating budgets for the different teams, and securing funding from a variety of sources. It will also be responsible for all reimbursement processes following the competition. Tasks include:

  1. Develops a budget for the competition, taking into account the needs of all teams.
  2. Maintains a bank account, which will be set-up for the competition’s funds.
  3. Responsible for any weekly deposits at the bank and keeping track of any expenditures/receipts.
  4. Responsible for updating co-directors on a weekly basis about the organization’s financial status, and of all funding applications.

Productions Team (2):

The Productions team will use their creative flair to produce all promotional materials for Toronto Thinks, such as flyers, cards, website banners, posters etc. We are looking for individuals with a background in art/design and who are able to use softwares such as Photoshop/Indesign etc.