2. Submission Format

Since Juxtaposition publishes articles from a wide variety of disciplines, we accept articles in any format as long as the content is related to global health. Here are some suggested formats based on previously published articles.

Article Submissions:

INFORMATIVE: Informative articles are meant to disseminate knowledge about a particular global health issue. This could include the issue’s past history, current state, and future development. 

ARGUMENTATIVE: Argumentative articles try and persuade the reader into taking a specific stance on an issue. This could include advocacy about a particular global health movement or a critical discussion about where an issue is heading.

OPINION: Opinion articles are about your personal thoughts on a global health topic. These articles should have an element of critical examination and analysis.

INTERVIEW: Interview articles are about a current leader, academic, or contributor in the global health field. 

PROSE AND POETRY: Juxtaposition accepts creative writing submissions! If you want to submit a piece for Juxtaposition, please pitch the idea to juxtaposition.utoronto@gmail.com

Photo Submissions:

ART COMMENTARY (1-3 photographs): These submissions are individual photographs or a short series of photos that demonstrate contrasting themes and concepts in global health. Each photo should come with a short description of its particular message.

ART ESSAY (4-8 photographs): These submissions are a long series of photographs that illustrate a particular experience or interesting development in global health. The series can be told through a series of interconnected descriptions or through an overarching narrative.

Article Lengths:

300 – 500 words: These articles are generally short, precise summaries about a current global health issue.

500 – 700 words: These articles are generally long discussions about a global health topic.

700  1000 words: These articles are generally in-depth investigations about an important global health theme.

1000+ words: These are generally unique feature articles about a specific global health subject. If you want to write a feature article, please pitch the idea to juxtaposition.utoronto@gmail.com