JuxtaTalks: Learning from Failure in WHO’s TB Control Program


Juxtaposition Global Health Magazine is proud to present “U-Turn: Learning from Failure in WHO’s TB Control Program” – A Discussion with Dr. Joy Fitzgibbon in Partnership with UNSOC. It will be happening Thursday, October 31st in the Junior Common Room at Trinity College.

Is it possible on a global scale to improve the lives of our most vulnerable and impoverished citizens? One fundamental challenge is to create dynamic political institutions that learn incrementally from policy failures. Dr. Fitzgibbon’s talk will show how international organizations can learn by exploring how the World Health Organization learned to create a more effective tuberculosis control policy. At the center of the story is Partners in Health, led by Dr. Paul Farmer and now World Bank President Dr. Jim Kim, and assisted by the Nobel prize winning Médecins Sans Frontières. The story of global tuberculosis control provides important lessons for WHO, NGOs and academics that work with them, on both how relationships between the UN and the private sector should be governed and the need for practical knowledge to refine and test epistemic knowledge. The way in which they resolve these two matters may partly determine how effectively they reach high-risk populations in response to emerging public health crises such as antimicrobial resistance, older or neglected diseases such as malaria and some non-communicable diseases.

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