Juxta Cuisine

I’m Michelle – a Classics undergrad at UofT and publicity associate with Juxtaposition. I’ve always been a believer in the healing powers of food; either through the therapeutic aspect of good food shared with friends and family or through the impressive health benefits that so many purport.

Every culture has their own unique food traditions, and every one of these has a unique impact on health. A North American diet may be more likely to contribute to obesity and cardiovascular disease, while a Mediterranean one is widely believed to do the opposite and an Asian diet may have cancer-preventing properties.

Food also plays an incredibly large role on the global level, both politically, like in the case of foreign aid in the form of food from such organisations as the World Food Programme, and economically, in the case of imports and exports of food products. Both have a high impact on health at the local and global level, and have far-reaching effects on many other aspects of a nation’s well-being.

Juxt Cuisine was created in an effort to bring these aspects of differing diets and foods to light, as well as to explore their historical backgrounds and the place each holds within their own cultures.